WB Properties are located nearby schools, parks, jobs, shopping, and city office buildings. The properties are
family housing, with a fully landscaped entrance, a private back patio area and designated parking for each unit.
The properties are well kept both inside and out with attentive management and a non-smoking and non-pet environment.  Each unit provides a place of comfort and security.
Utah Rental Locations
Morgan 88E: 4 Unit Townhomes (4 buildings, 16 units)
Morgan 350E: 4 Single-Level / 1 Two-Level Home with 2 car garages (2-plex & 3-plex building) 
Smithfield: 11 Unit Townhomes (1 building, 11 units)
Tremonton: 4 Unit Townhomes (2 buildings, 8 units)
Morgan 375E: 29-Lot Mobile Home Park
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